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The 'Buy, Race & Sell' Syndicate (Sold Out!)


Ken Barron
Syndicate Co-Manager & Co-Trainer
Tony Barron

Tony Barron
Syndicate Co-Trainer

Blair Orange
Syndicate Driver
Noel Kennard

Noel Kennard

John Robinson

Johnny Robinson

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About this Syndicate...

This Syndicate isn't a public one like others which goHarness has launched in the past, it's a private placement - but anyone is still entitled to join it.

'Buy, Race & Sell' will be regularly turning over its stock of horses as well, just like the Syndicate name suggests. So it'll provide its Members with ongoing variety, plus the primary objective is to give them a 'return' on their investment.

Managed by Noel Kennard, Johnny Robinson and the Syndicate's trainer Ken Barron, these men will be continuously on the lookout for horses who fit our criteria (i.e. stock that can be improved upon and on-sold at a profit).

For starters we'll buy horses to race in and around Canterbury, which will give Syndicate Members an immediate interest in the 'racing' side of the operation - then we'll sell these horses when we believe the time is right.

This will allow us to keep sourcing different horses to repeat the process with, over and over.

goHarness launched a similar syndicate back in 2014 and it was a resounding success, because all four of the horses bought and raced by that syndicate not only won numerous races in the goHarness colours - they were then also sold for more than what we paid for them.

So we've decided it's time to do it all again.

'Buy, Race & Sell' is limited to a maximum of 50 shares, and it'll get underway as soon as 20 of these shares have been sold. Once we have sufficient numbers, we'll start shopping for horses.

It's only a one-off cost to join, with no ongoing payments required.

Johnny and the other two Managers look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Join this Syndicate
('Buy, Race & Sell')

To become a Member of the
'Buy, Race & Sell' Syndicate,
contact Johnny Robinson on
03) 347-9699 or 021 883-713
or email

The 'Buy, Race & Sell' Syndicate is a private placement being managed by goHarness Syndication, but anyone is still entitled to join and become a Member.

All relevant documents (such as the Syndicate Overview, the Syndicate Agreement & Rules, and the Application Form) are available on request - just contact Johnny.

Be a part of the fun and excitement!

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Syndicate Co-Manager:
Noel Kennard
Phone: (03) 347-9699
Mob: 021 969 969
Syndicate Co-Manager:
Johnny Robinson
Mob: 021 883 713

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