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About this Syndicate...

This Syndicate started in August 2013 and ran for three years, closing at the end of July 2016.

And as its name suggests, Double The Fun owned and raced two horses at the same time - Astro Boy and Western Art.

Both horses were purchased as late 2-year-olds and provided plenty of thrills (and spills) for this syndicate's Members during their three-season journey.

Astro Boy began his career with Southland trainer Hamish Hunter and put three wins on the board from that stable, then when his form fell away Astro Boy was moved to Canterbury and added another two victories to his 'CV' under the guidance of new trainer Jonny Cox.

You can find video replays of Astro Boy's performances below, including his raceday wins and some of his earlier trials and workouts.

Sold when Double The Fun came to a close in July 2016, Astro Boy crossed the Tasman and continued his career in Perth.

Western Art was plagued by soreness issues during his time with the syndicate, and this unfortunately saw him on the sidelines more often than not as he recovered from one thing after another.

His interrupted preparations were the main reason why the life of Double The Fun was extended by an entire extra season, but when Western Art was right he was a really nice horse and he proved it by also winning five races (from only 26 appearances).

Initially with Nigel McGrath, Western Art was transferred to the stable of Greg and Nina Hope at Woodend Beach and achieved all of his victories from the couple's stable - his crowning glory being the super tough win in 2016's Nelson Summer Cup, earning goHarness its first piece of silverware ever!

Replays of Western Art's wins and earlier trials performances can also be found below.

Sadly, Western Art's issues finally got the better of him in April 2016; the moment that goHarness and the Hopes learnt there was a risk of this horse breaking down completely if he carried on racing, he was retired without hesitation.

Western Art is now living out his retirement at Noel and Wendy Kennard's property in Weedons, where he'll always be well taken care of. He's still in great nick and is a real character around the place - like a big kid, really.

It's just a shame we never got to see the best of him, because he was a striking individual who could've gone a long way in the sport he was born to be a part of.

Johnny and Noel welcome any enquiries about this, or future Syndicates.

Astro Boy's career:
Starts: 56
Wins: 5
Placings: 10
Stakes: $39,224
Click here to be linked with Astro Boy's details on the HRNZ website
Western Art's career:
Starts: 26
Wins: 5
Placings: 6
Stakes: $40,187
Click here to be linked with Western Art's details on the HRNZ website

Western Art's wins...

Western Art's 5th win

Western Art's 4th win

Western Art's 3rd win

Western Art's 2nd win

Western Art's 1st win

Western Art's workouts and trials...

Western Art's first workout
Western Art's first workout

Western Art's qualifying trial

Western Art's second trial

Astro Boy's wins...

Astro Boy's 5th win

Astro Boy's 4th win

Astro Boy's 3rd win

Astro Boy's 2nd win

Astro Boy's 1st win

Astro Boy's earlier trials...

Astro Boy's qualifying trial

Astro Boy's workout win

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