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The 'Trotting For Fun' Syndicate

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About this Syndicate...

This Syndicate has been in operation since late 2012, and only a handful of the original 125 shares remain available for purchase.

Members paid $1000 to join and then $50 per month thereafter, so anyone who joins from now onwards is required to backdate their monthly payments to December 1, 2012.

It's extremely good value though, because Trotting For Fun has three horses - one that it owns outright, and two that are raced on lease.

The horse that Trotting For Fun bought is called Saratoga (Muscles Yankee-City Lane). Prior to his purchase in 2012 he'd raced six times as a 2-year-old for two wins and two placings, so understandably he came with a hefty price tag.

Saratoga remained with trainers Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen after goHarness took ownership of him, and won another five races between March 2013 and July 2014. He later had a brief stint with Ken Barron, then crossed the Tasman in May 2015 to join the stable of Brent Lilley in Victoria.

Saratoga had been troubled by occasional knee soreness and a breathing condition for the majority of his latter career in New Zealand, so it was decided to send him to Australia in the hope that a different climate would help him reach the potential we knew he had.

Not entirely happy in his new surroundings in Victoria, Saratoga was soon on the move again - this time to Queensland, where he joined ex-Kiwi horseman Adam Sanderson and his career has undergone a resurrection ever since.

Under Adam's care our horse seems bigger, stronger and happier than ever before, and by early 2016 he'd added another three victories to his burgeoning 'CV'. Still only a 6-year-old in the 2015/16 Season, which is young for a trotter, Saratoga looks capable of providing Trotting For Fun with a heap more enjoyment yet.

The two horses that this Syndicate race on lease are called Harriet Of Mot (Monarchy-Harriet Hughes) and Eilish Aimee (Love You-Eilish Mac), both trained for us by Craig and Aimee Edmonds.

The pair are exceptionally well bred, and as they're only 4-year-olds in the 2015/16 Season it appears that it's all ahead of them; Trotting For Fun is keeping these mares for their entire racing career, until such time as they're retired to the broodmare paddock.

Eilish Aimee has tasted success so far, but it's Harriet Of Mot who's got our Syndicate Members really excited because she looks a horse of real class. By mid-January 2016 she'd already won half of her 12 raceday appearances, broken two NZ Records, and has enormous potential.

Planning is always in place to launch new Syndicates as suitable horses are found, and we'll be trying hard to maintain our pefect record - every racehorse that's been bought or leased by one of our Syndicates since goHarness first started in 2012 has been a winner!

Johnny and Noel welcome any enquiries about this, or future Syndicates.

Join this Syndicate
('Trotting For Fun')

To become a Member of the 'Trotting For Fun' Syndicate, just download and print off the Application to join Form, fill it out, and then either post it (143 Knights Road, RD5, Weedons, Christchurch 7675) or fax it (03 3479-698) to goHarness Syndication and we'll get in touch with you straight away.

Harriet Of Mot's Videos

Harriet Of Mot's wins...

Harriet Of Mot's 15th win

Harriet Of Mot's 14th win

Harriet Of Mot's 13th win (NZ Record)

Harriet Of Mot's 12th win

Harriet Of Mot's 11th win

Harriet Of Mot's 10th win

Harriet Of Mot's 9th win (NZ Record)

Harriet Of Mot's 8th win

Harriet Of Mot's 7th win (later disqualified)

Harriet Of Mot's 6th win (NZ Record, later disqualified)

Harriet Of Mot's 5th win
Harriet Of Mot
Harriet Of Mot's 4th win ('walkover') - June 12, 2015

Harriet Of Mot's 3rd win (NZ Record)

Harriet Of Mot's 2nd win

Harriet Of Mot's 1st win

Eilish Aimee's Videos

Eilish Aimee's wins...

Eilish Aimee's 1st win

Saratoga's Wins...

Saratoga's 14th win

Saratoga's 13th win

Saratoga's 12th win

Saratoga's 11th win

Saratoga's 10th win

Saratoga's 9th win (later disqualified)

Saratoga's 8th win (later disqualified)

Saratoga's 7th win

Saratoga's 6th win

Saratoga's 5th win

Saratoga's 4th win

Saratoga's 3rd win

Saratoga's 2nd win

Saratoga's 1st win

Qualifying Trials...

Eilish Aimee, 30/6/2014

Harriet Of Mot, 26/5/2014

Private workouts of the fillies on October 6, 2013...

Be a part of the fun and excitement!

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