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About this Syndicate...

Launched in May 2012, the In It For Fun Syndicate introduced a totally unique way to own and race a harness horse here in New Zealand.

It was the 'brainchild' of Noel Kennard, goHarness Syndication's Founder and Manager, and the In It For Fun Syndicate revolutionised horse ownership in this country by enabling people to get involved for a fraction of the normal cost.

The horse that was purchased and raced by the Syndicate was Franco Harrison. He'd had three starts and finished second in all of them when first bought by goHarness, but unfortunately as his career unfolded he developed foot soreness issues and continued to suffer from them, extinguishing the chances of ever reaching his potential.

Still, he managed to capture three raceday victories during the 32 months that the In It For Fun Syndicate owned him for - much to the delight of his hundreds of adoring Syndicate Members, who all just loved 'Harry' regardless.

Franco Harrison received nothing but the best of care and attention along the way too, because after starting off in Cran Dalgety's stable he was moved out to the beach environment and joined the barn of Greg and Nina Hope; plus the horse even went on a sojourn to the North Island at one stage, undergoing tests at Massey University in an attempt to get to the bottom of his foot problems.

The latter expense was never budgeted for under the Syndicate's initial format, but Noel didn't hesitate paying for it himself because he just wanted his customers to get their money's worth.

Furthermore, the In It For Fun Syndicate was supposed to operate for two years but Noel let it run for another eight months longer - once again at his own cost, this being his way of 'making up' for the time lost by 'Harry' when he was on the sidelines and only able to start 25 times during that 32-month period.

Humbled by the gratitude he receives for such acts of loyalty and generosity, Noel and his company goHarness Syndication grow in stature and reputation with every season that passes.

He and his right-hand-man Johnny Robinson have launched other syndicates in the first one's footsteps… Trotting For Fun, which owns the very talented trio of square-gaiters named Saratoga, Eilish Aimee and Harriet Of Mot, and Double The Fun, whose Members cheer on two equally-promising pacers called Astro Boy and Western Art.

More syndicate opportunities will continue to roll off the goHarness production line too, because we're adamant that due to the ever-increasing costs associated with racing a horse, large ownership groups are the way to go; they'll always have a future in harness racing.

The curtain may well have come down on the In It For Fun Syndicate, but it was and always will be the launch-pad of goHarness Syndication - where people have found a fun and affordable way to enjoy the thrills of racehorse ownership.

As for Franco Harrison, he was sold by Public Auction at Addington Raceway at the end of January 2015 and carried on racing for his new owner, Mike Maynard.

Harry's career for goHarness:
Starts: 25
Wins: 3
Placings: 5
Stakes: $18,356
Click here to be linked with Franco Harrison's details on the HRNZ website


Harry's wins for goHarness:

NZ Metro 18 May 2012 Race 2

NZ Metro 15 December 2012 Race 7

Kaikoura 3 November 2014 Race 10

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