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Sharing The Fun Syndicate:
Tinker Tailor
Blenheim on Friday, June 22
- Race 7 at 2:59pm
Francesca Cumani
Blenheim on Friday, June 22
- Race 2 at 12:04pm
Staxofun Syndicate:
Franco Saxon
Buy, Race & Sell Syndicate:
Has resumed jogging
Trotting For Fun Syndicate:
Harriet Of Mot


Latest goHarness News:

Thanks to goHarness Syndication, hundreds of happy racing fans continue to experience the thrill of successful racehorse ownership for a fraction of the normal cost.

goHarness offers a wide range of different options...
(a) syndicates that run for a set two-year period, which you can join with a one-off payment and never have to pay another cent;
(b) syndicates that remain operating for the entire racing career of the horses owned and/or leased, and have minimal ongoing payments;
(c) and even syndicates that 'turn over' horses on a regular basis - buying them, racing them, and then selling them on at a later date.

In other words, we've got something for everyone - and something for everyone's budget.

You won't have to wait very long either, because on average we launch a couple of new syndicates every year.

Currently there are three syndicates in operation, so give us a call if you want to find out more.

goHarness... New Zealand's largest and most professional harness racing syndication company


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The goHarness Team:
Bella Storer

goHarness Syndication
Sales & Marketing
Bella Storer

Bella was born into the racing industry growing up in it under her father and grandfather. Through this she has gone through the Kidz Kartz Programme while attending St Margarets College. At this time she became more involved in the industry and began to work towards gaining her licence as a trials driver.

Bella well and truly has caught the racing 'bug' and has never looked back since. Bella has been involved as a cadet, stable hand worker in both the throughbred and harness code and most recently bred her first horse.

goHarness Syndication
Founder & Manager,
Noel Kennard

Noel Kennard

Large scale horse ownership groups were totally unique to the Southern Hemisphere when Noel first introduced the concept into New Zealand during 2012, and launched goHarness Syndication.

Dedicated to managing each and every syndicate he creates, Noel is also a great believer in communication and likes to ensure that his Syndicate Members are kept well informed at every step along the way.

In a nutshell, goHarness Syndicates are all about the pursuit of one major goal - affordable fun, for everyone!

Noel is an Approved and Authorized Public Syndicator, as per the Rules of Harness Racing New Zealand and the N.Z. Commerce Commission.

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Syndicate Manager:
Noel Kennard
Ph: (03) 3479 699
Mob: 021 969 969
Sales and Marketing:
Bella Storer
Mob: 021 909 833

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